Supply High Quality Potassium Pyrophosphate CAS 7320-34-5 Tkpp

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Chelating Agent
White Powder or Small Granular
Based on Buyer′s Requirment
Shelf Life
2 Years Proper Storage
Transport Package

Product Description

Supply High Quality  Potassium Pyrophosphate

CAS 7320-34-5 TKPP

Basic Info:
CAS No.: 7320-34-5
Formula: K4O7P2
EINECS: 230-785-7
Appearance: Powder
Colour: White
Origin: China
Storage:  Keep the receptacle sealed, store in a cool, dry place, and ensure good ventilation or exhaust in the workplace.


Product Description and Usage:
TKPP-Tetra potassium pyrophosphate(powder) is a white powder material, Free from extraneous material.Which complies with the specifications of FCC and EC Directive for food additives.
Used as quality improver,sequestrant,emulsifier,and texturizer.It is an excellent protein modifier for meats. Recommended for use in low sodium meats. Highly soluble in aqueous solutions. Excellent deflocculating/dipsersion propertie.
1. Mainly used for cyanide-free plating, instead of sodium cyande as a complexing agent for electroplating.
2. Also used as a pretreatment agent for electroplating and a pyrophosphoric acid plating solution. Formulation of detergent components for clothing, metal surface cleaners and bottle detergent components, and additives for various detergents.
3. Used as a clay dispersant in the ceramic industry, as a dispersant and buffer for pigments and dyes.
4. The bleaching and dyeing industry is used to remove a small amount of ferric ions in water to improve the quality of bleaching and dyeing.
5. Analytical reagents, hydrogen peoxide stabilizer, electroplating, soap filler.
6. For cyanide-free plating, dyeing, refined clay, etc.
7. Used as an emulsifier, a tissue improver, a chelating agent in the food industry, and as a raw material for alkaline water for pasta.
8. It is often used in combination with other condensed phosphates. It is usually used to prevent the production of struvite from canned aquatic products, to prevent discoloration of canned fruits, to improve the expansion of ice cream, the yield of ham and sausage, the water holding capacity of ground fish, and to improve the taste of noodles and Increase the yield and prevent the cheese from aging.

Supply High Quality Potassium Pyrophosphate CAS 7320-34-5 Tkpp

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